Empowerment - What's it all about?

At Amulet Jewellery it's all about uplifting, empowering and raising the energy of this planet.  Sound a bit too big for a little New Zealand business to take on?  Well, we are the first country in the world to see the light every single day of the year.  Not only this but we are the first to do many things:

Conquer Mount Everest 1953

Allow women the rite to vote 1893

The invention of the Bungee Jump 1980s

The first jet boat 1954

The first country to have had 3 female prime ministers

First equal with the most Academy Awards for a movie: The Lord of the Rings

The youngest winner of the Man Booker Prize - Eleanor Catton, 'The Luminaries'

The first woman to win an olympic gold medal for windsurfing - Barbara Kendall

 Amulet Jewellery - 'Empowering women to re-energise the world'


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