Sapphire - September Birthstone

The wisdom stone  and traditional birthstone for those born in September.  Sapphire is also believed to attract gifts and expand self expression.  Sapphire is an ancient stone found in many countries of the world:  Myanmar, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia and India.

Crystal healers and shamans have used this stone for various ailments.  According to the Crystal Bible, when blue Sapphire is placed at the throat chakra it helps with self expression and truth.

For centuries royalty have prized sapphires as a means of attracting wealth but also for protection against infidelity.  It has consistently been found in many royal treasure chests, furnishing crowns, diamond necklaces and famous rings (like Princess Diana's engagement ring).  The British Imperial State Crown, created in 1909 boasts a 104 carat blue Sapphire, known as the Stuart Sapphire.



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