Silver - Interesting Facts

Silver has the chemical symbol Ag which comes from the Latin word Argentum, meaning silver or the ancient Sanskrit word Arj-una meaning light.  Silver is traditionally very soft as a metal so is usually mixed with a small amount of Copper to strengthen it to become Ag 925 - the silver which you'll find in jewellery and silverware.

Silver through the ages has been found to have many uses.  It has been used for currency in many cultures of the world.  Silver coins have been used as legal tender generally until the 1960s.  At this time various economies switched to 'currency' which is based on notes and alloy coins (a mixture of inexpensive metals).

Silver is malleable, meaning that it can be molded and formed relatively easily.

According to Huffington Post (10 Silver Benefits Article 2016) Silver is both antibacterial and anti inflammatory.  It is also known to purify water and assists in the healing of wounds.

It's a versatile metal with huge popularity globally.  These days people are trading in their old silverware with  global movement to reuse and recycle metals and products where possible.

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