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My mission is to empower women to re-energise the world

Some of my earliest memories are of jewellery.  The treasure trove that was my grandmother's jewellery box full of exotic stones from her travels abroad or gifts from my grandfather - they seemed almost magical to me.  I realised only later in life how unusual it was that she visited Japan as a young woman in the 1930's.  

She would tell us stories of the stones, Egyptian Turquoise, dark red Amber from Russia or lockets engraved with family initials.  I remember the energy, the links to past generations and the sense of adventure connecting to foreign cultures - all told through jewels. Being so entranced by these stories, I spent many childhood years creating my own jewellery from beads, shells, Fimo, clay - anything that could be transformed into jewels.

This early passion continued to grow and by the age of 23, I had set up my first jewellery business, 'The Bead Company'.  I spent my 24th birthday surrounded by 80kgs of glass beads in a hotel room in Delhi, which I somehow managed to ship home to New Zealand.

From years of travel and design experience, Amulet Jewellery is the natural next step for me.  Amulets were traditionally made for protection against negativity.  My focus is to produce charms or symbols which have a meaningful connection to good energy.  My range of New Zealand pendants has been thoughtfully created and made using 80% recycled silver.  Fortune rings and bangles have been hand made in Bali by small family run workshop of jewellery makers.  Wear your protective amulet as your own guardian.


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